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Turbogen Engineering sagl, was set up and registered in Lugano in 1994 by a small group of engineers, specialized in the design and construction of water turbines.

Our products are of the highest quality. We have applied to our small machines, where appropriate for this range of turbines, the technologies and design methods normally associated with turbines over 100 MW. We consider that the result of our philosophy is the right product at the right price. Our turbines are not a low cost product; they are designed to last decades, with little maintenance by using the highest grades of materials, where appropriate. We do however take care not over engineer our products and thus strike a cost balance.

In addition to the quality of our products, we offer to our customers a personalised service. Turbines are designed and engineered taking into account customer preferences,  operation and site requirements, to ensure that we fully fulfil all our customer’s requirements.

We also offer our experience to customers, who want to execute some of the scope of supply themselves. Under these circumstances we still give full support when  maintenance, out of guarantee, is required.






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